Travel 503 Short Shaft

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Travel 503 Short Shaft
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We recommend the Travel 503 for sail boats up to a weight of 750 kg, and the Travel 1003 up to a weight of 1.5 tons.

Both models consume the same level of energy at the same speed. The stronger Travel 1003 has 30% higher battery capacity and therefore superior range. Both models are available in long and short shaft versions.

The Travel 503 delivers over 500 watts of input power and in terms of propulsion is comparable with 1.5 HP petrol outboard.

With the Travel 503 you can discover the world on water, completely waterproof to IP67. Thanks to the on-board computer with its GPS-based calculation of the remaining range, you always have your own travel guide with you.

The Travel 503 is suitable for inflatables and other small boats.

Like the Travel 1003, the Travel 503 is available in short-shaft and long-shaft versions.

Battery charge time: The battery recharge time from empty to full ranges between some 8 hours (Travel 503) and 10 hours (Travel 1003).
  • With its integrated lithium battery and its outstanding efficiency, the Travel is the alternative to a small petrol outboard.
  • Charging socket and USB port - for charging with onshore power, from 12 V battery or solar. The Travel can also be used as a power source for smartphones, lamps etc. via a USB adapter
  • Integrated GPS and information system: provides precise real-time information on battery charge status, remaining range at current speed, speed over ground and power consumption (GPS receiver located in the battery, information display located in the tiller).
  • Improved mechanical stability, ruggedness and suitability for salt water use.
  • 20% higher power and approx. 10% higher efficiency, noiseless design.
  • Corrosion-free design, does not require a sacrificial anode
  • Auto-kickup feature in case of grounding
  • Can do everything that a 1.5 HP petrol outboard can, plus it’s environmentally friendlier, quieter, lighter and more convenient
  • Audible alarm warns when battery charge status reaches 30%
  • Fully waterproof design, IP 67 (all components can be submersed for 1 hour at 1 m below surface without any harm
  • Solar rechargeable – including during the voyage (using a separate accessory not included) 
  • Can be easily dismantled for transport and space-saving storage; the outboard on its own weighs only 9 kg
  • No matter how or where you store your Travel – there’s no risk of leakage or petrol smells
Travel 503 with Integrated Battery (29.6 V / 11 Ah) Inflatable, dinghy, sailboat up to 750 kg.

Speed in knots (km/h)
Range in nm (km)
Run time in hours
Slow 2.0 (3.7) 12.8 (23.7) 06:20
Half throttle
3.0 (5.5) 6.4 (11.9) 02:08
Full throttle
4.0 (7.4) 2.8 (5.2) 00:42

Information on range and speed

When travelling through water, displacement increases power required in proportion to the cube (third power) of the speed. This means that doubling water speed increases the power required eightfold.

Conversely, it of course also means that only a slight reduction in speed will increase the range attainable significantly. Simply reducing speed by e.g. half a knot has a considerable effect on the remaining range.

Since mental arithmetic to the power of three is quite tricky, the on-board computer of the Travel constantly calculates the remaining range for you. To do this, it combines the consumption data from the motor with the charge level of the batteries together with the speed over water obtained via GPS. This means you can read the remaining range in real time from the Travel's display. Using the TorqTrac App you can even read the remaining range from a map on your smartphone.

Travel 503 Technical Data

Travel 503 S Travel 503 L
Input power in watts
500 500
Propulsive power in watts
220 220
Comparable petrol outboards (propulsive power)
1.5 HP 1.5HP
Comparable petrol outboards (thrust)
2 HP 2 HP
Maximum overall efficiency in %
44 44
Static thrust in lbs*
40 40
Integrated battery
320 Wh Li-Ion
320 Wh Li-Ion
Nominal voltage  29.6 29.6 
 Final charging voltage 33.6  33.6
 Total weight in kg  12.9  13.5
 Motor weight without battery in kg  29.6  29.6
 Weight of integrated battery  4 4
 Shaft length in cm  62.5  75.5
 Standard propeller v = speed in km/h at p = power in watts  v9/p790  v9/p790
 Alternative propeller options  v8/p350  v8/p350
 Maximum propeller speed in rpm  700  700
 Control  Tiller  Tiller
 Steering  360° lockable  360° lockable
 Tilting device  Manual with grounding protection  Manual with grounding protection
 Trim device  Manual, 4-step  Manual, 4-step
 Integrated on-board computer  Yes  Yes
 Stepless forward/reverse drive  Yes  Yes

* Torqeedo static thrust measurement is based on internationally accepted ISO standards. Static thrust figures for conventional trolling motors are typically measured differently, which results in higher values. To compare Torqeedo static thrust data with conventional trolling motors, add approximately 50% to the Torqeedo static thrust values.