Torqeedo Power 26-104 High-performance Lithium Battery

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Torqeedo Power 26-104 High-performance Lithium Battery

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The Torqeedo Power is an extremely high powered lithium battery offering high voltage, better value for money & superior safety making this battery perfect for not only marine use but many other applications too.

The Torqeedo Power (26-104) is designed to meet the demands of the Cruise electric outboards. By developing this excellent battery Torqeedo really have set the standards for highly efficient lithium batteries.



Superior Intelligence: Stand alone solution. Protection against short circuits and maltreatment (wrong charging, deep discharge, wrong polarity etc.) included in battery management system. No external accessories needed to perform protective services.

Higher efficiency: Capacity of 2,685 Wh from just 25 kg of battery weight (134 Wh/kg).

Better pricing: Compare country specific price level with other makes (watt-hours per €, $, £ etc.)

Superior safety: Safe battery chemistry, precise and clean production processes at the cell manufacturer level (Japanese origin), safe packaging due to 4 safety-hardware features for each individual cell, cutting edge integrated electronic battery management system.

Uncompromising design for marine use: Fully submersible IP67 (voltage shut-off from terminals in case of submersion to avoid galvanic effects).



577.5 x 218.5 x 253.5 mm32 l

General characteristics
Capacity 2,685 Wh
Nominal Voltage 25.9 V
Final Charge Voltage 29.05 V
Final Discharge Voltage 21.0 V
Nominal Charge 104 Ah
Max Charge 108 Ah
Max discharge rate (A) 160 A
Max discharge rate (W) 4,500 W
Weight 25 kg
Battery chemistry LiNiCoMnO2
Benchmark information
Energy density (weight) 134 Wh/kg
Energy density (volume) 84 Wh/l
Power density (weight) 225 W/kg
Power density (volume) 141 W/l
Lifetime Data
Cycle Lifetime 800 cycles @ 100% DoD @ 25C
Average capacity loss per year -4 % @ 25 C ambient temperature